Zoho Vs HubSpot: Which CRM should you choose in 2023?

In this comparison article we are going to look at the main differences between Zoho and HubSpot's CRM software, compare the features, the prices for each, and which is a better option for a startup, a small business, and an enterprise.

Zoho HubSpot
Zoho is a software company building a whole suite of products targeting small medium businessses. Designed to help manage sales interactions with customers and potential customers.

Pricing & Plans comparison:

Zoho pricing HubSpot pricing
Free plan
Free trial period 30 days. No credit card required 14 days. No credit card required
Annual discout 20% 11.11%
Monthly payment plans
No FREE plan

Users: 1

Users: 1
$20/mo per additional user

Users: 2
$10/mo per additional user

Users: 1
$23/mo per additional user

Users: 5
$100/mo per additional user

Users: 1
$40/mo per additional user

Users: 10
$120/mo per additional user

Users: 1
$52/mo per additional user

Essential features comparison between Zoho and HubSpot:

In the below table, we look at the absolute necessary features that any CRM software should have, and we compare HubSpot and Zoho for these must-have necessary features.

Zoho HubSpot
Lead management
Contact management
Account management
Pipeline / Deal management
Add sales team / reps
Add follow ups - with tasks, notes
Activity feed
Send emails from CRM
Sales forecasting

Nice-to-have features comparison Zoho vs HubSpot:

In the below table we look at the additional features which are not critical to a CRM, but are useful and provide additional context for your sales teams.

Zoho HubSpot
Advanced reporting features
Files management
Mobile app
Automate processes
Google calendar integration
Extra collaboration tools
Integration with third-party apps
Enterprise Territory Management
Create custom objects

Compare with competitors and other CRM alternatives

Compare Zoho and HubSpot with other popular CRM alternatives and competitors.

Zoho - compare alternatives HubSpot - compare alternatives
Zoho vs Salesforce HubSpot vs Salesforce
HubSpot vs ClickUp
HubSpot vs Monday Sales CRM
HubSpot vs ActiveCampaign for Sales
HubSpot vs Close CRM
HubSpot vs Nextiva
HubSpot vs Bigin CRM
HubSpot vs Zendesk Sunshine Sell
HubSpot vs Pipedrive
HubSpot vs Keap
HubSpot vs Freshsales (from Freshworks)
HubSpot vs Less Annoying CRM


Both Zoho and HubSpot's paid plans start at $20/month, but HubSpot also offers a free plan allowing you to test the CRM before paying for a paid plan.

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