How to fix error code: csc_7200026 from Ali Express / Shopify (9 Answers)

Sometimes you may suddenly begin to see this error: "Error Code: CSC_7200026" that is originating from Ali Express. As a Shopify merchant, Shopify will not be able to help you as the help they provide is limited when it comes to third-party apps. In this article we are going to look at how we can fix this CSC_7200026 error code error easily.

Fixing the 'Error Code: CSC_7200026' error

Ali Express has stated that this error is caused because of card security reasons, and that an appeal is required. However, we have noticed that there are different reasons that could cause this error. So, it is best to try all the solutions one-by-one, and see which works for you.

  1. Using a card that is banned before on Ali Express: This happens if you have raised disputes before on Ali Express, and maybe banned from using the card again. For example, if you have opened too many baseless disputes before, or if you were using a coupon that wasn't meant for you, or if you threatened a seller without a good reason, etc - it may have caused the ban. In such cases it is better to use a new card, that trying to unban this one. But if you have never interacted and solved a dispute with Ali Express proper to this ban, you can ignore this, and look at the next reason.
  2. Other security issues: Chargeback, failed email address verifications, identity thefts, malware and hacking can also cause Ali Express to raise this error. In such instances it is best to contact their help team directly, and ask them to unban the account. You need to do this as trying different cards, or different payment methods will still fail if your account was banned due to these reasons.
  3. Try using Paypal: If you receive this error while using your card, it is good to try to instead make the payment via a different method - using Paypal. There have been many instances where people have paid with Paypal successfully when they got the 'error code: csc_7200026' while using their card.
  4. Try another card: Many people have noticed that their card has got banned after they made a lot of purchases with it. This is primarily as a security measure, and your card will be unbanned in a few days. However, if you want to fix this immediately try using another card.
  5. Verifying your account: If you have not verified your account before, you need to verify your account first. Post this, you will be able to access the site again.
  6. Incognito browser mode: Sometimes people have successfully fixed this error by trying to do it again in a new browser in incognito mode. It is recommended to open a new browser in incognito mode, sign in, and try again a few times, and it usually will process successfully. It is also recommended to wait for sometime and try again with a new browser. Sometimes, these errors occurs because of the cookies, and the way to bypass them is in incognito browser mode.
  7. Check your internet connection: This error could also happen die to a weak internet connection. If the payment failed because of a weak internet connection, please make sure to try again with a stronger connection,
  8. Contact Ali Express support: If all the above fails, it is is recommended to contact their support and raise an issue with them. Sometimes, they may look into this and unban your card if nothing malicious was found.
  9. Using a different IP address via a VPN: Ali Express will also ban your IP address, and any cards you try from the same IP address will fail. Therefore, if possible, you can try using a VPN to setup a new IP address. Requests made from this new IP address will not be banned. Only do this if you know what you are doing - as they may know you are using a VPN and entirely block your account. Therefor use this only as the last resort if everything else fails.