Using Ruby hooks to combine two modules into one

I had a combination of class and instance methods that I wanted to include into a model in Rails. The normal approach to do this would be to move all the instance methods into a module called Updateable and all the class methods into another module called UpdateableClassMethods - and then to use include and extend to make it available to the model. Example below:

class ProductTag < ApplicationRecord
  include Updateable
  extend UpdateableClassMethods

Although this is good, I came across Ruby hooks which can improve this.

Hooks is a code that gets called to tell you that something is about to happen, or has happened. For example, the inherited and included hooks tells you when a class has gained a subclass.

By using the included hook we can know when a module is added to a class. So in the above example, we can use the included hook to know when the Updateable module is added to the ProductTag class. From here, it is easy to mix in the class methods also into the same module like below.

As you can see in the image above, I have an included method in the module which lets me know anytime the module is included in the class!

def self.included(host_class)

This doesn't seem like much but I found that it's a good way to keep my code clean.