Social media post ideas for Real Estate

While managing social media for real estate brokerages, one of the key things you do is posting more to their social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms. Real estate agents expect more followers from your work. So, what kind of content should you be posting for real estate agents? Which type of format - video, posts are the best for the realtor niche? We answer all these questions in the article.

Real estate is different from most other niches - because you actually need to tailor the content specifically to your realtor client. We did some research to find out what content has been performing the best for realtors on social media - and we found lots of engagement with their target audience and a lot of content geared towards that audience is what performs well.

Social media marketing ideas for realtors:

Social media post ideas Photo format Video format
Topics about clients closing on a home
Sharing personal photos of agents - their story, their family, what they achieved
Sharing content about their clients - e.g. did a client sell their home recently? How was their experience? What would they do differently in hidsight?
Sharing company milestones - did you sign on a bigh client? Completed 5 years? Grew your team to 25 people? Celebrate every small win.
Sharing content regarding the agents offices, and the changes they've made - e.g. hiring someone new, expanding to a new location
Staging and open house events - tagging people who attend these events
Content on relevant current topics - e.g. how they are doing business differently with Covid
Tips for homeowners on how to sell their house, property
Tips on how best to stage a house for selling
Content related to events, tours of the neighbourhood the realtor serves
Educating home buyers on how to buy/what to look for before buying a house
Highlighting local business that the realtor works with - and tagging them
Testimonials, positive quotes from current or past customers
Posts that gives the audience insight into the area the agent serves
"How much does this house cost" game. We saw a few realtors getting really good engagement on social media posts where they post pictures of houses, and ask the audience to guess the price. These types of posts get a lot of comments from customers.

The key is to not only promote listings - but promote listings + engagement posts. You need to promote listings, as this is what gets sales for your real estate clients, but too many listing posts will make it boring for your social media followers. Therefore, you got to mix the listings along with other "filler" content like decor info, homebuyer/seller tips, neighbourhood/city tours, local events, etc which we listed in the table above.

Social media content ideas:

We also browsed popular websites like Zillow, Trulia to understand what kind of content is getting the most traffic on their websites. Use these to come up with more ideas for social media:

  1. Blog on how to buy a house. This is popular because everyone who is buying a house for the first time, needs advice, and so if you create content around this topic for your client on social media, it will engage well with the audience.
  2. Blog on steps to follow while building your own house. Similar to above, this will again do well on social media.
  3. Blog on real estate photography tips for agents. This is slightly different and targeting agents and not home owners, but if that is your target market, including photography tips on social media will do well.
  4. Blog on how to stage a house to sell. Similar to the first point, this is something any home owner looking to sell will be interested in.
  5. Blog on where to live next. This is evergreen content, and will perform well on social media too as everyone wonders if they should move, and where they should move to next.

This article looked at how you can quickly fill up your real estate content calendar. Next steps:

  1. List down all the topic ideas (that you got from reading this article and others) that you can use for your realtor client.
  2. Speak to your realtor clients to get their upcoming listings
  3. Also, get client specific contnent
  4. Make a schedule for one month with all the infomration you have gathered from steps 1, 2 and 3.
  5. Schedule to post on their social media and learn from what works best.

We have also written an article on how to schedule content for LinkedIn. It looks into the best practices to follow when posting content on LinkedIn.

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