How to add the incoming column to Shopify's inventory report

When you are determining what inventory you have on hand and what needs to be ordered, you ideally need to see how much inventory is incoming - along with the inventory that is on hand.

By default, Shopify does not show the incoming column. In this blog, let's look at how we can get the inventory reports to also show how much is incoming.

Suppose you have an online store, selling hats and shirts, this is how the inventory page will look like for a warehouse.

inventory at warehouse

While this is useful, it does not have enough information - it is missing the crucial "incoming" inventory column.

Two ways you can add incoming inventory to a warehouse on Shopify:

1. Create a transfer

Let's imagine that your second warehouse in Chicago sends a shipment of 5 hats to the New York warehouse.  The Incoming quantity for hats at New York is 5, and this should show on the table.

To add incoming inventory - do the following:

transferring inventory from one warehouse to another
  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Transfers.
  2. Click on "Create New Transfer"
  3. Add the amount of hats you are sending to New York
  4. Add the shipment details
  5. Click on 'Save as draft'

On the next screen, click on "Mark as Pending" and you will now see them as incoming on the inventory screen.

You can then accept this incoming inventory by clicking on Transfers -> selecting the inventory -> clicking on 'Receive Inventory'.

When you do this, you will be prompted to either accept or reject the incoming inventory. After you have saved this, the incoming inventory will be added to the available inventory, and it will reset to zero, as showing in the pic below.

2. Create a purchase order

The other way to add incoming inventory is by creating a purchase order. You can click on the dropdown next to incoming, for each product variant, and you will be taken the purchase order screen.

Similar to the first step, once you fill in all the details - and complete the order to the supplier, you will see the incoming inventory updated on the inventories page.

Once you complete and accept all the inventory, the incoming inventory will be added to the available inventory.

To summarize - there are two ways you can add incoming inventories to a product variant. Incoming inventories are useful for determining what inventory you have on hand and what needs to be ordered.