Top 10 Free CRM Templates for Google Sheets

In this article we are going to first look at the top free google sheet templates for you to use right away. While selecting the Google Sheet CRM template, we reviewed them based on their contact management, their sales pipeline, and customer and account management capabilities.

The main benefits of a CRM with Google Sheets

Google Sheets is really powerful and can be a good start to use as a free CRM once you understand how to create forms using Google sheets, managing contacts, and sending emails using Google sheets. The main benefits of a CRM built on Google Sheets are:

  1. Accessibility: Google Sheets is already on the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere, anyplace as long as you have an internet connection. This means that your whole distributed team has access to it right away.
  2. Built in real-time collaboration: If you are selling to B2B, you will have multiple people working on the same deal at the same time. With Google Sheets, everyone in your sales team can update the same document simultaneously. This is really useful as it avoids having to email each other to access information regarding a client.
  3. Simple to use: One of the major problems with a professional CRM software like Salesforce is that it has a big learning curve, and you do need someone with experience to set up the CRM for you. If you do not set it up well, you team will not end up using it. But with Google sheets, everyone is already familiar with how to use it - and do basic functionalities like filling in data, sorting, filtering, accessing multiple sheets. There is a lesser learning curve with Google sheets compared to most professional paid CRM softwares.
  4. Integration with third-party apps: Most popular apps already have an official integration with Google Sheets via their APIs. You can also write custom Google Apps Scripts to automate tasks, and to add unique functionality.
  5. Pre-made templates: There are already some really good CRM templates for Google Sheets that you can immediately use to start tracking your sales and managing deals effectively. You do not have to setup a Google Sheet CRM from scratch - instead, by standing on the work of others, you can get a really good head start, and then customize it according to your unique needs.

Below we have listed the top 15 Google Sheets CRM templates. Explore each of them to see which best fits your needs.

Top Free Google Sheets CRM Templates:

  1. SalesTable CRM: Track leads, opportunities and more with this free google sheets CRM template.
  2. Hubspot Mini CRM: Easy-to-use and free Google Sheet CRM that can help you track your sales activities and customer interactions.
  3. OneSheetCRM: Designed for small businesses to track sales and leads efficiently, with everything you need to close more deals with less effort.
  4. Fit Small Business CRM: This is a free CRM spreadsheet template that can be used for tracking leads, contacts, and sales opportunities.
  5. SmartSheet: Track leads, opportunities, and sales with this fully customizable Google Sheets CRM template.
  6. ActiveCampaign CRM Template: Improve your sales conversion rate with this free Google Sheet CRM template.
  7. Google Sheets CRM Template: Make a copy of this template and start using it right away to track sales.
  8. Close SalesTable: Upgrade your sales process with this free Google Sheets spreadsheet that will keep you organised and on top of your pipeline.
  9. Tipsographic CRM: Free Google Sheets CRM template to improve sales.
  10. Vexter CRM:  Increase sales by streamlining communications with your potential and current customers.
Bonus: Downloadable Google Sheets CRM example