How do you repurpose your blog posts into LinkedIn posts?

Growing your blog and building a social presence on platforms like LinkedIn can seem like an ever-lasting struggle. However, all this can be made much easier if one engages in smart work. To enjoy the fruits of your labor almost instantly, consistently follow the methods given below.

Repurposing your blog posts into LinkedIn posts can have several benefits, such as building a good public profile and being able to reach a wider audience. It also ends up saving a lot of quality time and resources that you can use elsewhere to get better at your craft.

One can leave others behind in making their LinkedIn posts a success in no time. This blog will provide you with crisp and concise methods that can help you skyrocket your journey as a writer.

Choosing what to repurpose:

Repurposing your content is worth it if you provide value to your followers. This makes them loyal, and they stay hooked on your content.

One can choose what to repurpose by considering the following factors:

Identifying posts with potential, “how-to” posts, or beginner guides works wonders. With experience, one can be vigilant and learn how to choose their content wisely.

After this, select your targeted audience and learn about the trends and ongoing content that most of the people in that segment are on the lookout for.

Once you start uploading a few blogs consistently, analyze the performance of those blogs. Expand or write blog posts that do well on LinkedIn; this will give you an edge over less organized writers in the game.

5 methods for beginners to repurpose their blog posts on LinkedIn:  

1.    Customizing the content:

Select the 5 best artists on LinkedIn in your niche and go through their posts. Understand their intent and writing style. Using all of this, create an outline of what posts do well on LinkedIn. Keeping an eye on what your targeted audience wants is the best option for a beginner.

Start posting content that works in those frame outlines, and then later adapt to something that you would want to post. It becomes a bit more influential once you’ve built a presence.

2.    Using LinkedIn features:

Utilizing various functions provided by LinkedIn like hashtags, LinkedIn articles, polls, carousels, etc.

Hashtags: Tag your posts on relevant pages and give them better outreach.

LinkedIn articles: one can use this feature to publish native long-form content on LinkedIn.

Polls and carousels—sharing questions and aesthetically pleasing stories, respectively—help tremendously by providing food for thought to your audience.

All of this helps you integrate your content into LinkedIn’s interface efficiently.

3.    Call to action:

Instead of just using this tool in one manner, which is to provide hyperlinks to your blog posts,. You can also use this tool to engage your viewers and create a lasting effect or impression.

This can be done by referring the readers to your email newsletter, calendar, or social media platforms like Instagram. It is suggested that one not provide multiple links in their LinkedIn posts, as it depreciates content outreach.

This is because your post is asking the reader to leave LinkedIn and go to some other platform. Therefore, it is better if you only do it subtly and do not provide more than one or two links per post.

4.    Cross-promotion:

Cross-promotion of your content can be done by mentioning the names of well-established business enterprises or relevant industry accounts in your posts. One can do this by using @mention on LinkedIn as one of its features.

This is a creative method to get outreach on LinkedIn. One can leverage a larger audience for the business account they mention. Consequently, increasing the number of followers and connections on LinkedIn. If you’re lucky, this can help you get business deals with the same companies as your client as well.  

5.    Carousals:

Creating carousals that are aesthetically pleasing has a motive behind uploadation. This can include inspiring, educating, or providing value to your followers. Use statistics or visual excerpts to promote your content.

Carousals operate parallel to the link previews. This helps to promote the content in an even crispier and more interesting way, helping the clients build a loyal follower base. 

The ideal approach for posting the content:

Making short and crisp content for your LinkedIn posts is beneficial as a writer. One can always use clickbait, questions, or factual statements to begin a post. Providing details and highlights in between can be good, as once a reader’s interest is piqued, they will want to know more.

You should analyze your targeted audience’s activity through the LinkedIn stats given in the app. This can help you upload posts on LinkedIn when most of your audience is active. Uploading with a particular, consistent pattern can help you build a loyal fan base. Doing this fulfills the content consumption desires of your audience.


With a base of more than 900 million users as of December last year. Having such a huge user base, which is more than 50% in the age group of 25–34,. LinkedIn is a place for young and bright minds that offer and receive various types of services for their career establishments or business enterprises, respectively.

LinkedIn is the right place for repurposing your content as a writer. It is simply killing two birds with one arrow. This is because a writer can build a social profile by using the work they have already written in their blog posts on some other platform or personal website.

Starting with choosing suitable content to repurpose. Getting a clear idea of your targeted audience and analyzing the stats on the app. One can customize the content according to their targeted audience and use various LinkedIn features to make a success out of it.

Calls to action, carousals, and cross-promotion of the content by mentioning big business industries are the cherry on top for such a line of work.

After doing all this, following a proper approach by mindfully, consistently, and timely uploading your content becomes the key to success. This helps an individual achieve the desired results as it fulfils the expectations of the targeted audience.

Which one of these methods is most interesting to upload?