Fixing issues with scheduled posts and photos not showing up on LinkedIn

Sometimes when you schedule LinkedIn posts with photos, it will not show up properly on LinkedIn. You will face issues with scheduling posts that include text and photo. Once the post goes live, the photo is not included. This post looks at a few workarounds - and how to fix the buggy scheduling feature from LinkedIn.

"Scheduled posts and photos not showing up" error fixes:

  1. This usually happens when you schedule the posts using LinkedIn's scheduler. One quick check is to check if it is posted when you post it manually. So, take one of the posts from the scheduled list, and post it manually. Does it get posted on LinkedIn. If yes, we can now confirm that the error is happening only with the scheduler.
  2. Try posting the same message on the scheduler without the image. Normally, this happens when you try to post a post with images. Therefore, if you can remove the images, you should be able to post without any errors to your business page from the mobile app also. Once the post with no images is scheduled and posted, you can edit the post once live to include the missing photo.
  3. Another option is to use a free social media scheduling software like Social Scheduler, Buffer, Hootsuite etc. Hootsuite has a free plan - and via these scheduling softwares you will be able to schedule posts in advance.