ChatGPT prompts for social media managers

Everyone is looking for the best AI tools to use with social media to help create new posts. ChatGPT is the most popular AI tool today - and many social media marketers are prompting it in creative ways to step up their social media game.

While using ChatGPT, it is helpful to give as much background information about the client to ChatGPT. You should ideally create a different chat for each client you have - and always keep the chat open and running. Feed in as much information as you can about the client's business, and only ask questions about the client in the specific client chat. This way chatGPT has all the background information always, and can also access past responses to give you better answers.

Before we get into the prompts, here is a summary of the top reasons to use ChatGPT as a social media manager:

  1. For ideation and strategy ideas
  2. For writing social media copy for your posts for your clients
  3. For ideation on post topics
  4. For editing hashtags
  5. For replying to social media comments
  6. For modifying and rewording content in a different tone to what you have already posted.
  7. For creating detailed scripts for a podcast
  8. For bouncing ideas with someone
  9. For summarising content so that you can understand something quickly
  10. For deciding what type of content to post during the week

Different ChatGPT prompts for social media managers:

  1. "I want you to answer the question below, imagining you’re the most successful social media manager of all time.”
  2. "Write an engaging social media post for this this topic - XYZ. Keep the post to two paragraphs long."
  3. "Write a clever and unique social media post about topic XYZ"
  4. "You are a experienced social media manager, working in the fitness field. Your target audience are women looking to buy fitness clothes. You will create 5 posts about fitness for the channels Nike and Adidas. I need you to be creative and engaging." - replace fitness, Nike, Adidas with terms in your industry.
  5. "Make this sound better" (and paste the content)
  6. "Rewrite and expand on the following" (and paste the content)
  7. "Rewrite this paragraph in the style of Martha Stewart" - Instead of Martha Stewart you can use any copywriter you want.
  8. "Can you help me write a caption for Nike, they specialize in shoes. The post is about Nike tennis shoes, and I want the caption to be engaging." - replace Nike and shoes with terms in your industry
  9. "Write me an idea for an Instagram reel for Nike”