Here are some of the notable features and improvements made to Social Scheduler since it first launched. I release new features every week, constantly making Social Scheduler better.


Create multiple hashtags for each brand, and easily insert them into a post. For example, for Coca-Cola, they may have different hashtags depending on the post. If the post is related to environment theme, they can use the environment hashtags. If it's a post related to marketing, then can use the marketing hashtags.

By creating different hashtags, the whole team can easily include them in the post without making any mistakes.

Emojis 😎 🏆

Added popular Emojis to Social Scheduler. So, now while creating a social media post, you can include emojis ❤️ 👍 👏 in the post.

While creating or editing a post, you will see the smiley icon, and when you click on that you can select from over 80+ emojis.

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