Best social media content approval tools in 2024

Social media is an integral part of our lives as we wake up and sleep with the touch of different social media channels be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Editing and proofing the content that needs to be posted, staying organized, and streamlining the content approval process provide an unparalleled solution to ensure the supremacy of the content. Before the post reaches the right set of audiences, the deliverables must go through content creation, editing, feedback, and approval rounds. If we look into the traditional ways, meetings are held or the deliverables are emailed to get feedback. However, this process is not as effective as using various content approval tools as it can be prolonged, imprudent, and prone to errors that might need to be fixed later.

Benefits of Using Social Media Content Approval Tools

Proofreading your social media content before posting it online is crucial for any content marketing strategy to ensure accurate and high-quality content goes live to the target audience’s social media feeds. The social media content approval tool not only minimizes errors but also helps streamline processes and build a brand reputation by controlling the quality of the content posted online.  These tools help teams to work in collaboration for enhanced productivity. Some of the general features social media content approval tools possess are 

  • Regular updates regarding the changes made in content
  • Live link-sharing
  • Editing and Feedback
  • Can be used from any remote location
  • Can be done from any device either from your phone or from your laptop.

Best social media content approval software/tools

Let us explore some of the best tools/software available in 2024 to meet your social media content approval needs.

1.  Hootsuite:

Hootsuite has been one of the best options for content management on social media platforms for a long time. It offers a user-friendly interface and can schedule, publish, and monitor content across various channels simultaneously. Its automated content approval feature enables the teams across the organization to collaborate, review, and provide feedback on content before it is published. Hootsuite's robust analytics were useful in providing valuable insights to optimize social media content strategy.

2.  Sprout Social:

Another topmost content approval tool that has been gaining popularity in recent times is Sprout Social. It is best used for its comprehensive features, intuitive interface, and elementary content approval workflows. The tool allows the teams to effectively collaborate through task assignments, comments, and updates on approval status. It also offers unique features such as performance analytics and a content calendar that helps marketers plan and evaluate their social media strategy.

3. is a powerful platform for social media marketing that not only simplifies the content approval process for businesses but also is a great tool for customer experience management. It offers unique features like social media listening, engagement, measuring, publishing, and customer data management.'s robust approval workflow allows team members to easily review the content, provide feedback, and approve it for publishing. Also, it provides in-depth analytics to estimate the outcome of all the social media efforts.

4.  Loomly:

Loomly is gaining popularity as one of the top social media content approval tools. It streamlines the content creation process with its intuitive interface and comprehensive scheduling capabilities. Loomly's collaboration features enable team members to review, edit, and approve content efficiently. It also offers post previews to visualize how the content will appear on different platforms.

5.  GAIN:

GAIN is a content approval tool designed specifically for marketing teams that makes client feedback for social media content easy.  It offers simple workflows that enable content creators, managers, and clients to collaborate effectively. GAIN's unique selling point is that it provides a personalized client approval process, making it easy to gather feedback and approvals in a structured manner. It has an analytics feature provides insights to optimize content performance over time.

6.  GoVisually:

GoVisually is one of the widely used proofing tools built mainly for creative & marketing teams for quick design reviews & approval. The app is the ultimate solution to address all social media content needs, with a few clicks.  It is a comprehensive proofing solution for direct visual feedback on PDFs, designs, and video content. The swift algorithm of GoVisually lets the users review and approve multiple files simultaneously, thus streamlining the work processes and making it easy for the creatives. It also seamlessly integrates with other apps like Asana and Trello making it more effective as a social media content approval tool. 

7. ContentCal

ContentCal is more of a visual calendar but it is also being widely used as a multipurpose content marketing platform as it allows users to plan, create, collaborate, publish, and analyze the content at a centralized location. It features in-built approval workflows that help streamline the content approval process and avoid bottlenecks. The team members can easily collaborate to create a powerful social media strategy with the flexible approval flows that ContentCal offers.

8. Later

Later is a social media content management platform and link in bio tool for all social channels. It helps to plan, analyze, and publish content in advance so you can solely focus on growing your business while Later can take care of all the social media marketing gimmicks. It helps create fresh content, edit and organize it, and then schedule the posts to publish as and when required. In the present scenario, where social media is a game changer in terms of marketing, planning and, execution play an important role and with ‘Later’, it can be carried out seamlessly.  

9. Rivuu

Rivuu is another widely used app for social media content approval that enables teams to create, approve, and schedule content for posting on multiple social media channels. One of the unique features of Rivuu is that it is easy to navigate and it is capable of posting almost all types of content be it images, videos, GIFs, or links. It is easy to use and saves a lot of time. All you need to do is press the “Approve and Reject” buttons as per your liking.

10. Buffer

Buffer is a simple-to-use social media content approval tool that helps you plan and publish content to maximize your efforts. It is an automated tool that guides you about the right time to publish, and share your content on the right social media channels and suggests relevant hashtags to help you grow. It also generates automated reports for analytics and provides permission levels and approval workflows so that teams can work in collaboration. 

11. Sendible

Sendible is yet another powerful tool when it comes to social media content enhancement. The tool is primarily used to augment your brand story on different social media platforms. It allows users to use editing apps like Canva through the platform and also provides suggestions on the type of content that can be published based on the target audience. The quick and simple review and approval process makes Sendible one of the popular choices as a social media content approval tool. 

12. CoSchedule

Social media is a total game changer when it comes to marketing and brand building but it becomes difficult at times to post the right content at the right time. CoSchedule makes this task easy by scheduling the social media posts, publishing the blog posts consistently, and generating leads by driving traffic to your site. It is an all-in-one AI Marketing Calendar for Content scheduling and posting on different social media channels. It helps to streamline the planning stage by automated scheduling which makes it much easier for team members to keep track of timings and schedules. 

13. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a social media approval/scheduling tool specifically designed to help users streamline their social media marketing efforts. It allows users to plan, curate, schedule, and automate quality content across different social media channels. It is highly useful for small businesses and entrepreneurs as it saves a lot of time in planning and posting the right content on the right social media channel. 

14. Curata

Curata provides one of the best and most intelligent Content Curation Software (CCS) which enhances the user experience by curating content as per the user requirement and by constantly changing as per content preferences. It offers a browser plugin that helps in curating content while surfing the internet and allows team members to exchange suggestions. Curata also has a feature of integrating the relevant content that is posted on social media with emails and blogs. It also helps with SEO and image suggestions. 


As more and more people are using social media, the need for efficient content approval tools becomes increasingly crucial. Even though these tools help streamline the processes and make the review and approval process easy, it is important to ensure the content quality and the value that it provides the users after going live. The tools mentioned above are some of the best in 2024. Each offers unique features to streamline and enhance your content management process. Consider the needs of your team and choose the tool that aligns best with your requirements. With the right social media content approval tool, you can ensure seamless collaboration, and efficient workflows that maximize your social media efforts and enhance your brand value.